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KL The Guide is a free quarterly travel guidebook encompassing Kuala Lumpur City Centre. First published in August 2007, we help travellers to navigate and make plans around Malaysia’s capital city with ease. The guidebook includes travel tips, places to explore, kid-friendly locations, hotels, transportation services, places to eat, sight-seeing, shopping places, nightlife and other things to do.

If you're travelling with your family, alone or on a business trip to Malaysia, KL should not be missed.

This is a city where you can see the different ethnic groups in Malaysia merging into one. While at KL, when you walk through Kasturi Walk next to Pasar Seni, you'll be able to see all kinds of Malay street food. As you walk further and cross the road, you will find yourself in Chinatown. You'll be absorbed into a different ambience within minutes. The smell of food is going to be so different from what you've experienced before. If you take a slight right about 200 m, you can find yourself heading to the iconic Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. Be prepared to see stalls selling beautiful garlands made of fresh flowers and limes to be offered to the main deity of the temple.

The guidebook is not only catered for travellers from abroad but also for locals. It is common for people to associate the famous Dataran Merdeka, Petaling Street, KLCC, KL Tower, and Batu Caves when you mention the name KL. But, seeing this city is beyond that; it is rich in history, culture, food.

The guide isn’t only confined to Kuala Lumpur city centre. In every issue, we also include a section that’s beyond the capital city to highlight things that can be done during your holiday in the other states of Malaysia. Get directions to the places of your choice right here or download our free app OR download an e-copy of the guide from the QR code below to make your travel plans as easy as 1, 2, 3...